Petition Aimed at Provision of FDA Bill That Threatens Access to Affordable Medicine

Petition Aimed at Provision of FDA Bill That Threatens Access to Affordable Medicine

RxRightsLee Graczyk, 1-866-703-5442

The (FDASIA) sailed easily through Congress and was touted as a successful bipartisan effort that would speed the approval of lifesaving medicines and add consumer protections. However, buried in the bill's 140 pages is a provision that will pose a substantial threat to the health of seniors and other Americans struggling to afford the cost of prescription drugs.

Section 708 may effectively cut off Americans' ability to import medicine from Canada and other countries. This provision gives government agencies the right to seize and destroy prescription drugs imported for personal use.

has initiated a on the White House’s “We the People” site in opposition to this new provision. Graczyk is an advocate for seniors' rights and is the lead organizer of , a national coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to raising awareness and spurring action around the need for safe, affordable prescription drugs. Graczyk began working on this issue back in the 1990s, organizing bus trips to Canada to ensure that seniors could obtain affordable medicine.

"Over the last decade, millions of Americans have relied on importation in order to get the drugs they need at prices they can afford," said Graczyk. "This provision in FDASIA is both harsh and shortsighted. It will have a negative effect on public health, as these Americans, including seniors on fixed incomes, will have no other choice but to stop taking their vital medicines altogether. Their health will be compromised as a result, which translates to an increase in emergency room visits and higher health care spending."

Graczyk is urging concerned citizens around the nation to by signing the and sharing it widely with their colleagues, friends and families. “More than a million people depend on importation each year,” said Graczyk. “It’s critical to protect their lifeline to affordable medicine.”

The Obama Administration created the “We the People” petition site as a tool for citizens to voice their opinions and potentially have an impact on policy decisions. According to the site, “If a petition gets enough support, White House staff will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.” Currently, the threshold for a White House response is 25,000 signatures.

Graczyk’s petition states:

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