Online aid for laid-off pharma workers

A sign of the times: There's a new website specifically for laid-off pharma types. Started by a group of "current or former pharma professionals" who've found/are looking for new jobs--and who presumably wish to remain anonymous--the site offers a bunch of advice, resources and inspirational articles about ex-pharma-ites who've successfully switched to new careers.

Read about one ex-sales rep who now makes films and another who launched an e-marketing firm. Learn how to use social-media networking to get a new job. Find advice about getting your personal finances under control so that you can hold out for the right new job. And so on. It's

Of course, you guys know that CafePharma is all about finding jobs in the pharma industry. So if you're not hip on switching careers--as AfterPharma seems to be--then you may want to stick to CafePharma instead.

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