Omnia Biologics Expands Spray Drying Services

ROCKVILLE, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Biologics development and manufacturing services provider Omnia Biologics, Inc. (Omnia) (Rockville, MD) today announced the successful implementation of its spraying drying services program for stabilization of customers' biologics drug products.

Stabilization of biologics to eliminate or reduce a complex and expensive cold chain is a pressing need for many drug developers. This is particularly true for vaccines and especially for vaccines with defense and/or developing nations' applications where a cold chain is impractical or impossible and the costs may be unbearable. In such cases, dried products with extended ambient shelf lives make all the difference in a lifesaving therapy's availability. "We have offered liquid formulated and lyophilized process development, cGMP manufacture, formulation and stability services for some time and continue to do so. However, we have recently seen the process and stabilization advantages of spray drying especially as it relates to improved ambient stability for vaccines important in developing economies. We would like to open these services to all or our customers, many of whom have not looked at the distribution improvements provided by spray drying a biopharmaceutical product," commented Dr. Dale VanderPutten, CEO, Omnia Biologics, Inc. on the offering.

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Omnia offers translational medicine services in the areas of process development, assay development, GMP manufacture, and fill-finish for preclinical and clinical programs for therapeutics that do not have effective or known manufacturing protocols. These include vaccines, autologous therapeutics, new gene therapeutic platforms, and stem cell technologies. The company seeks and has established relationships with both biopharmaceutical companies and academic investigators throughout the world.