Novo Nordisk wins appeal in retaliation suit

A U.S. appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling against ex-Novo Nordisk (NYSE: NVO) sales rep Vivian Garriga, who had claimed the company fired her as punishment for complaining about sexual harassment, Pharmalot reports.

Garriga's suit asserts a new supervisor harassed her, detailing allegations of sexual advances and discussions during business meetings. She complained to HR, the suit says, and soon after was placed on a 60-day probation. She was later fired.

The appeals court didn't think Garriga's supervisor behaved badly enough to be cited for sexual harassment. The court agreed that he was "boorish," as Pharmalot notes, but said he didn't act badly enough to meet the legal standard.

Retaliation lawsuits have been in the headlines lately, and two other cases went the opposite way. An appeals court resurrected retaliation claims in an ex-employee's lawsuit against Wyeth (now Pfizer). Another reinstated a retaliation case against Bristol-Myers Squibb. Both of those cases were sent back to trial court for rehearing.

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