Novartis statement on China investigation

"Novartis can confirm that an employee in China, following resignation from the company, has filed a complaint with the local labor authority alleging improper business conduct. Upon learning of the claim, we initiated, as is our practice, an internal investigation through our Business Practices Office, a robust investigation process that offers employees and external stakeholders a trusted channel to report misconduct without fear of reprisal or penalty.

As this investigation is ongoing, we cannot comment further at this time. Novartis takes allegations of misconduct seriously and will take appropriate actions depending on the findings once the investigation is concluded. It is important to note, however, that this employee made a claim to Novartis for compensation in the amount of RMB 5 million (approximately 800,000USD).

Novartis is committed to high standards of ethical business conduct and compliance in all aspects of its work around the world. In addition, Novartis China is committed to following all Chinese laws and regulations as well as high standards of internal ethical business conduct and compliance policies as laid out in the Novartis Code of Conduct in all aspects of its business operations. Novartis requires all its 131,000 associates to certify compliance with the Code of Conduct every year, complete the annual e-training and other activities."

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