Novartis says strong dollar to weaken earnings; Biovail founder jousts with firm again;

> Novartis, which reports its results in U.S. dollars, said a recent strengthening of the greenback would have a negative impact on its first-quarter results. Report

> Company founder Eugene Melnyk is again assailing the management of Biovail, demanding a shareholder vote on "several resolutions to bolster Biovail's corporate governance practices." Report

> Teva Pharmaceutical Industries lost its appeals court bid to lift an order that prevents it from selling a copy of Eli Lilly's osteoporosis treatment Evista before a trial starts next month. Report

> The most important malaria drug passed basic quality tests well beyond its sell-by date, indicating a potential shelf-life extension that could save many lives in the developing world, says a new study in Malaria Journal. Report

> King Pharmaceuticals lost almost $550 million in the fourth quarter, largely due to the costs of acquiring rival Alpharma, but also because its Altace painkiller went off patent a year ago, causing sales to drop. Report

> Endo Pharmaceuticals announced today the appointment of William P. Montague, recently retired from Mark IV Industries, to the company's board of directors. Release

> Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi-Aventis, announced that the European Commission has granted marketing authorization for the first intradermal microinjection influenza vaccine. Report

> Abbott Laboratories launched its new $300 million nutrition plant in Singapore today, aiming to use the location as a launch pad for sales across Asia. Report

> PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative and the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute are poised to announce a new collaboration this morning aimed at developing a next-generation malaria vaccine. Researchers have already identified 25 to 30 early, liver-stage antigens. Now they'll narrow that group down to a set of three to five antigens that can be used in new vaccines. Report

> While the threat of bird flu has largely vanished from the evening news, vaccine experts are acutely aware of the ever-present danger of a human outbreak. Report

> As we reported earlier in FierceBioResearcher, antibodies may prove to be a very effective guard against flu viruses. And some in-depth reporting on the subject helps illustrate just how important an advance this is. Report

> Hawaii Biotech announced the successful completion of a Phase I clinical trial for its West Nile Virus vaccine. The recombinant sub-unit vaccine was found to be safe among healthy volunteers who had not been exposed to the virus. Report

And Finally... What if consumers could calculate the benefits and risks of taking a prescription drug as easily as they can gauge the carbs and calories of an Oreo cookie? Report