Nigeria arrests Pfizer director

Pharma directors on the lam. That's not a statement one expects to hear, but today in Nigeria, it's true. As part of its infamous prosecution of Pfizer, a Nigerian court has issued warrants for eight Pfizer officials. One, a former medical director, has already been arrested. Others, including the former managing director Ngozi Edozien, are on the run.

You'll recall that Pfizer is embroiled in defending itself against civil and criminal charges stemming from a meningitis drug trial. Some trial participants died and others suffered permanent disability. The government and some patients say Pfizer was at fault, and that the company misled them about its research. Pfizer denies wrongdoing, saying that the disease itself could have caused the injuries and deaths.

The scene at Pfizer's Nigerian HQ was bizarre yesterday, with entrances padlocked and managers missing. It's a reminder of the hazards of doing business globally. Presumably, Pfizer's reps in Nigeria aren't thinking so philosophically about it right now. 

- read the report at All Africa

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