NICE disputes report criticizing its efficiency; Statins help the healthy, Lancet study finds;

 @FiercePharma: More on J&J's Zytiga in men with early prostate cancer. Pre-surgery, drug blasted tumors in 1/3 of patients. Story | Follow @FiercePharma

> The U.K.'s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence strongly disputed news coverage of a report questioning its efficiency in reviewing drugs and lambasted the report itself. Report

> Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs can help even healthy people with no history of heart disease, a new Lancet study suggests. News

> Reducing off-label use of antipsychotic drugs may save money without having much effect on patient care, a new study finds. More

> Indian drugmakers Ind-Swift and Wockhardt jointly launched their version of Pfizer's ($PFE) cholesterol drug Lipitor in the U.K. Item

> The theory that HDL cholesterol helps protect against heart disease risk may be flawed, a new study finds, calling into question several experimental drugs aimed at boosting HDL levels. Article

> Hikma Pharmaceuticals ($HIK) said its response to an FDA warning letter on its New Jersey plant is expected to cut into profitability. Story

Biotech News

 @FierceBiotech: BASi trims lab costs to recoup losses from first half of 2012. More | Follow @FierceBiotech

 @RyanMFierce: I'm doing some de-stealthing of my own today: Startup Knode takes off with pharma fuel. Report | Follow @RyanMFierce

 @JohnCFierce: Fighting the double chin, one injection at a time: Kythera files $86M IPO to support fat-busting drug. Article | Follow @JohnCFierce

> GSK lands one-two punch in melanoma trial. Item

> Kythera files $86M IPO to support fat-busting drug. News

> HGS faces skeptics as it boasts of a crowded bargaining table. Story

> ASCO abstracts reveal added appeal for key cancer drug prospects. Report

Medical Device News

 @FierceMedDev: Folks, the clock is ticking. Get your nominations in for the 15 fiercest device developers. Survey | Follow @FierceMedDev

> Department of Homeland Security issues device hacking warning. Report

> BrainGate chip enables 2 tetraplegics to control robotic arms. Article

> Former exec indicted, accused of selling adulterated devices. More

> FCC to set aside bandwidth for wireless medical devices. Item

Pharma Manufacturing News

 @EricPFierce: U.K. comes down on regulators for letting defective PIP breast implants through. The FDA had cited the company in 2000. Report | Follow @EricPFierce

> End is near for Watson distribution center. Story

> Pfizer making deep cuts at estrogen extraction plant. Article

> Bristol-Myers starts Orencia manufacturing at new plant. More

> Hikma discloses FDA warning letter. Item

CRO News

 @NesaNFierce: Clinical and pharma controversy in India hasn't scared off Quanticate. Article | Follow @NesaNFierce

> Home drug delivery considered a 'key initiative' for Marken. News

> Covance's AZ lab closure to result in 130 lost jobs. Story

> BASi trims lab costs to recoup losses from first half of 2012. More

> Patient recruitment should be a greater priority, drugmakers say in survey. Item

Vaccines News

> Inovio makes steps towards a universal flu vax. Report

> Biovest makes a move on the EU market with BiovaxID. Article

> Nasal HIV vax safe, triggers immune response. News

> Researchers engineer edible malaria vaccine. Story

And Finally... Many doctors are unfamiliar with the long-term side effects of chemotherapy on cancer survivors. Report

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