New psoriasis drug to generate $1.4bn by 2015

New psoriasis drug to generate $1.4bn by 2015

Janssen Biotech's drug, Stelara, is set to become the leading brand among systemic treatments for psoriasis by 2017, generating sales of $1.4bn by next year, according to analysis from independent analyst firm Datamonitor Healthcare.

Stelara, whose commercial attractiveness is driven by its high efficacy and infrequent dosing schedule, is forecast to generate annual sales of approximately $1.4bn in 2015 across the  US, Japan and five major EU markets*.

Furthermore, Stelara's main competitors are set to see a rapid decline over the next eight years due to the threat from biosimilar competition. Their combined value is forecast to fall by £1.8bn to £1.4bn in 2022.

Victoria Hudson, analyst at Datamonitor Healthcare said: "Although the psoriasis market will become increasingly saturated, Stelara is expected to maintain a high sales value over the next eight years. The easily administered drug requires one injection every twelve weeks, following the first two doses, setting it apart from its opposition and propelling it into pole position.

"These attractive qualities are expected to limit the number of patients opting for cheaper biosimilars of its competitors, positioning Stelara as the leading systemic treatment for psoriasis."

The patient population is forecast to increase steadily over the next eight years, with 16 million people predicted to be diagnosed with the condition by 2022.

After peaking at $1.4bn, the sales value of Stelara will steadily decline to $1.2bn in 2022, due to the increasing saturation of the market.

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*5 major EU markets = France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK


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