New Genetic Research Indicates Children with Alcoholic Parents More Likely to Need Alcoholism Treatment

New Genetic Research Indicates Children with Alcoholic Parents More Likely to Need Alcoholism Treatment
Recovery Now TV reports that a new study from The University of Copenhagen points to the fact that children of parents with drinking problems are at an increased risk for alcoholism treatment. Further, in females there is a higher rate of genetic association.

A recent study from The University of Copenhagen has indicated that when parents have alcohol use disorders, their children are more likely to inherit the same issue and need alcoholism treatment at some point down the line. The study showed that this genetic relationship was isolated from other factors contributing to alcoholism, such as social status and gender. The data will be published in the July 2011 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

Alcohol use disorder is defined as an issue that causes people to drink to excess in a manner that endangers themselves as well as others. However, the Danish researcher Erik Lykke Mortensen pointed out, alcohol use disorder can also be based on factors that are genetic, psychological and social. Further, this particular study showed that this association was even more common amongst female children of parents with alcohol issues.

Recovery Now TV spokesman Mike Cohan stated, "This new research from Denmark supports existing research that indicates that genetic factors are significant. Further, we now know that this is an issue that we need to be concerned about impacting female as well as male children. Recovering alcoholics who plan to have children need to be aware of this issue and the fact that their children may be more likely to need alcoholism treatment."

During The University of Copenhagen study, data was analyzed from more than 7000 parents who are currently an average of 60 years old. One of the reasons that this study could successfully take place in Denmark is the fact that due to personal identification numbers, citizens are easier to follow over a series of decades. This new study confirmed other recent research that has shown a genetic link between parents and children with alcohol use problems.

Recovery Now TV's Mike Cohan added, "If children are educated about factors that might necessitate alcoholism treatment down the road, they may be more likely to circumvent their tendencies."

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