Networking site to link cancer docs, pharma

More from the Web-marketing frontier, where portals and blogs are passé: An Arizona entrepreneur is working up a site where cancer doctors and drugmakers can mix and mingle. MedTrust Online is developing a database of medical literature, clinical trial info, treatment options, and the like, hoping to keep oncologists informed of the latest and greatest in their specialty areas. "Patients may not be getting the best options because there is a problem with communication," the company's CEO told the Arizona Republic.

One Texas oncology group has already signed up, and three others are close to doing so. A test site for the Texas practice will be launched later this year. MedTrust won't say how much the service might cost, and how it will avoid running afoul of off-label marketing rules is unclear. But it's the sort of thing we're likely to see more of as traditional marketing channels get blocked or dry up and drugmakers continue looking for effective alternatives.

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