Mylan to ship Protonix copies; Doctors balk as Hospira abandons anesthetic;

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> Mylan has won final FDA approval to sell its version of Pfizer's big-selling stomach-acid drug Protonix DR, becoming the second generics maker to launch an assault on the branded version. Report

> Doctors and pharmacists are criticizing Hospira's decision to permanently halt production of an anesthetic used in carrying out the death penalty, saying the drug is still needed for some surgical procedures. News

> The Japanese subsidiary of AstraZeneca rejected recommendations from Tokyo and Osaka district courts to settle with plaintiffs who have sued the company over side effects from the cancer drug Iressa. Item

> U.K. families who were pursuing a legal case against Sanofi-Aventis over an epilepsy drug have dropped their action because legal aid was withdrawn. Report

> Amgen has provided a 2011 earnings forecast slightly below Wall Street expectations but its revenue outlook for the year signaled potential for upside. Article

> Preparing small doses of medications from syringes can be inaccurate and lead to dangerous dosing errors for infants and small children, warns a new study, which calls on drugmakers to change formulations of their products accordingly. News

Biotech News

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> Eisai scraps blockbuster app after Ph3 sepsis drug trial derails. Report

> Amgen bets $1B on BioVex's dual-mechanism cancer therapy. Item

> Will Mann be forced to bail out MannKind one more time? Article

Biotech Research News

> Ebola, Marburg viruses blocked from entering cells. Story

> How pharma can cross the valley and fear no upheaval. Report

> Researchers remove macrophages as HIV hiding place. News

> Why do some diabetics escape complications? Story

> A gene 'gone rogue' responsible for cancer's spread. Item

Manufacturing News

> Trial-supply plants dominate facility awards. Article 

> Amgen price hikes to offset Aranesp payment drop. Item 

> Bath may ease reactor channel clogs. Report 

> Big pharma stung in HHS fraud report. News 

> Baxter employee saved colleagues, gave life. Story

> Oral-suspension Tamiflu on drug-shortage list. Item

And Finally... A joint venture between Merck and Britain's Wellcome Trust charity said it is working on an oral rotavirus vaccine designed to be cheaper and easier to use than current shots. Report