The Myelin Repair Foundation and ENDECE Neural Form Collaboration to Develop Myelin Regenerative Compounds for Multiple Sclerosi

SARATOGA, Calif. and MEQUON, Wis., Feb. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Myelin Repair Foundation (MRF) and ENDECE Neural, LLC have formed a partnership to expedite the advancement of myelin regeneration drug candidates for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients through pre-clinical studies and into Phase I clinical studies.

Through this unique collaboration, the newly launched MRF Translational Medicine Center will assess the myelin regenerating capabilities of proprietary small molecule compounds from ENDECE Neural in novel MRF Multiple Sclerosis models for their effectiveness in reversing myelin damage.

These ENDECE Neural compounds will be evaluated at the MRF Translational Medicine Center, which is dedicated to the acceleration of the drug discovery and development process for new MS treatments.  This laboratory facility offers a rigorous, industry-leading translational medicine platform, led by MRF personnel with over four decades of extensive biopharma experience moving therapeutic compounds into clinical trials.  The goal of the MRF Translational Medicine Center is to advance potential myelin repair treatment targets toward commercialization to benefit MS patients.

"By combining the innovative approach by ENDECE Neural to remyelination and the resources available at the MRF Translational Medicine Center, we can expedite progress towards developing new MS treatments for patients," says Dr. Jay Tung, Ph.D., Vice President of Drug Discovery and Research Operations at MRF. "We are excited to work with ENDECE Neural since we both share a deep commitment to bringing novel therapeutics to MS patients who simply cannot wait for new cures."

"We approached the Myelin Repair Foundation about joining forces because of their expertise in myelin repair models, in addition to their new in-house capabilities at the MRF Translational Medicine Center," says Dr. James Yarger, Ph.D., President of ENDECE Neural.  "Unlike current MS therapies, which target immune response and inflammation to slow relapses, our drug compounds are promising candidates for remyelination, with the potential to restore muscle control and mobility.  Without remyelination, there can be no cure for MS," states Dr. Yarger.

About the Myelin Repair Foundation

The Myelin Repair Foundation (MRF) ( is a Silicon Valley-based, non-profit research organization focused on accelerating the discovery and development of myelin repair therapeutics for Multiple Sclerosis.  Its Accelerated Research Collaboration™ (ARC™) model is designed to optimize the process of medical research, drug development and the delivery of new patient treatments.

About ENDECE Neural, LLC

ENDECE Neural, LLC is the privately held neurological drug development subsidiary of ENDECE (, a biopharmaceutical company located in Wisconsin.  As a small molecule drug discovery business, ENDECE was founded on the premise that the ability to control multiple genes within signaling pathways would create opportunities for treating diseases with largely unmet medical needs, including neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and pain.  ENDECE has several late pre-clinical stage programs, including therapeutics for Multiple Sclerosis (ENDECE Neural, LLC) and Cancer (ENDECE Oncology, LLC).  The Intellectual Property (IP) surrounding the portfolio of small molecule compounds owned and developed by ENDECE is protected by six composition of matter and use patents; the first has been issued. The management team of ENDECE has previously taken multiple drug candidates from laboratory discovery, through clinical studies, and the FDA approval process to commercial launch.


SOURCE Myelin Repair Foundation; ENDECE Neural, LLC