Metrics Launches New Video Monitoring Service "PharmaVision"

A first for a CDMO, new web-based streaming video offers clients "man in plant" oversight

Greenville, NC, November 17, 2010 --( Metrics Inc. is launching a new video monitoring service for clients called "PharmaVision." The service is believed to be a first for a contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing organization.

PharmaVision will provide secure, web-based streaming video to clients, giving them remote "man in the plant" oversight of their development and manufacturing projects.

In many situations, PharmaVision can offer clients even better access to their projects at Metrics, since its cameras' real-time pan and zoom capabilities will allow the client to get extremely close, sometimes within inches of materials and equipment, said Phil Hodges, president.

With accompanying real-time, two-way audio, PharmaVision is the latest innovation from Metrics, one of the most respected CDMOs in the United States.

"Technology introduced us to time- and travel-saving conveniences such as teleconferences and webinars, so it makes sense that Metrics would use technology to work even more closely and collaboratively with our clients worldwide," Hodges said. "Like so many other advances from Metrics, this idea was generated when employees thoughtfully addressed a challenge facing a client."

Branded as PharmaVision, Metrics' streaming video service addresses a client's need to have a "man in the plant," a company representative who works on-site overseeing such responsibilities as auditing documents, inspecting materials or confirming batch records.

Started as an analytical laboratory in 1994, Metrics has evolved into a full-service provider of quality pharmaceutical formulation development; first-time-in-man (FTIM) formulations; clinical material manufacturing (CTM) for Phase I, II and III trials; commercial manufacturing; and analytical method development and validation services.

Metrics has particular expertise in FTIM and Phase I, II, and III studies, having conducted more than 120 FTIM studies for different chemical entities in the last five years alone - while manufacturing more than 700 batches of CTM in the same period.