med fusion Partners with Theranostics Health to Advance Personalized Medicine for Patients with Cancer

LEWISVILLE, Texas, Aug. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- med fusion and Theranostics Health have entered into a Market Development Agreement to validate the clinical utility of Theranostics' TheraLink™ Assays for use in patients with malignant diseases.  The goal of this relationship is to help accelerate advancement of new methods in molecular diagnostics testing and their use in personalized predictive treatments.

med fusion, an integrated laboratory reference testing and clinical trial services company located in Lewisville, TX, announced today it has entered into a Market Development Agreement with Theranostics Health, Inc., of Rockville, MD, to clinically validate diagnostic assays based on measuring the activation status of signal transduction pathways important to the development and growth of human cancers.  Theranostic's TheraLink™ Assays are designed to provide oncologists with a molecular map based on each individual cancer's unique pattern of aberrant signaling.  This approach will allow oncologist to exploit each tumor's individual molecular profile and therefore provide truly personalized treatment to each patient.  In addition, the companies will jointly conduct promotional, marketing and sales-related efforts, technology integration, as well as other activities aimed at the clinical services, clinical trials, diagnostic, theranostic and personalized healthcare markets.

Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will work together to provide clinical validation of the TheraLink™ Assays through clinical trials conducted by med fusion as well as through other oncology practices associated with med fusion. The TheraLink™ Assays will provide oncologists access to information about the activity of signaling pathways that are out of control in cancer and the activity of drug targets in these pathways as they seek to provide better care for their patients.  

"This Market Development Agreement with Theranostics Health will advance med fusion's objective to be on the leading edge of technology and help ensure that we are supporting physicians and patients with the most advanced molecular technologies," said Dr. Thomas Lohmann, Chief Medical Officer at med fusion. Keith Laughman, Chief Executive Officer, added that the alliance "further supports med fusion's current and future collaborations as it continues to execute its targeted diagnostics initiatives."

"We are pleased to work with an organization of med fusion's vision and look forward to supporting its patient care goals," says Glenn Hoke, President and CEO of Theranostics Health. "This agreement will allow med fusion to deliver critical information to doctors by providing a molecular snapshot of their patient's tumor, helping doctors provide their patients with the right therapy and ensuring that patients receive the best care possible."

About med fusion
Headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, med fusion is an integrated, advanced laboratory and clinical trials service organization providing support to healthcare providers, biotech and pharmaceutical companies through a patient-centric support model. The company, with its' founders, McKesson (formerly USON), Texas Oncology (TXO), Baylor Healthcare Systems (BHCS), and Pathologists Bio Medical (PBM) is working to  introduce more targeted diagnostics, reduce episode of care costs and enhanced system efficiencies.

Based in a 130,000- square foot facility, the company's full service clinical laboratory includes a dedicated test development and validation team to quickly meet the needs of clients and reference lab services such as pathology testing and molecular diagnostics. med fusion currently has over 300 well-trained employees, and a dedicated lab staff with an average of 16 years of experience.

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About Theranostics Health Inc.
Theranostics Health, a privately-held biotechnology company, develops technologies to measure the activation status of key signaling pathways that are instrumental in the development of companion diagnostics for molecular targeted therapies.  While the Company has historically focused on providing services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology drug development companies, Theranostics Health is now developing testing capabilities for clinical oncologists to advance personalized medicine through its TheraLink™ Diagnostic Assays.

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