MDOL Unveils Industry-First "Instinctive Data" Platform

New Web-Based Offering Gives Pharma Instant Access to Thousands of Providers and Tens of Millions of Patients Parsippany, NJ – Experiencing seismic shifts, including the introduction of more and more generic drugs, the pharmaceutical industry truly has been turned on its head. To strengthen drug companies' competitive edge as they navigate this ever-changing landscape, MD On-Line (MDOL) – a leading provider of electronic healthcare solutions – introduces Instinctive Data (ID). A powerful, patent-pending, HIPPA-compliant platform, ID is the only channel pharma can leverage to help healthcare providers identify patients who can benefit from testing, treatments or procedures – using real-time electronic claims data. "ID is a dynamic and innovative portal that provides countless benefits to pharmaceutical companies, including enhancing their competitiveness in an economy that requires forward thinking and new ways of doing business to maintain and grow market position," said Jeff Meehan, Chief Commercial Officer of MDOL. "Never before has the pharmaceutical industry had the opportunity to instantly tap into a real-time, continuously growing network of tens of millions of patients, and more than 63,000 actively engaged providers across the U.S. who have MDOL's solutions embedded in their workflow. This allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to intelligently market their brands by strategically targeting specific clinical needs helping providers treat the individual patient." Developed through extensive collaboration with medical and industry professionals, ID is a simple and smart complement to other tools pharmaceutical companies are currently using to strengthen their marketing mix. Specific benefits include: • Targeting the right doctors with the most relevant messages through a channel already embedded in providers' workflow, based on real-time electronic claims data • Notifying providers with customizable messages, or "CareAlerts," that reach them close to the point of care • Obtaining accurate, objective and secure real-time data sourced from electronic claims • Improving patient outcomes by tracking population trends and industry advances to help develop programs for clinicians and address future healthcare opportunities Helping Providers Keep Patients the Priority Beyond the advantages it offers to the pharmaceutical industry, ID is also a valuable resource for healthcare providers utilizing MDOL's solutions, as it is designed to strengthen the continuum of care. Seamlessly integrated into providers' workflow, it presents critical (and real-time) data about the types of patients they see most and what areas of their business are most profitable. Importantly, the targeted messages delivered through ID enable providers to take action, such as: • Sending direct, personal communications to patients for future visits and evaluations • Diagnosing targeted patients based on existing clusters of symptoms or diagnoses • Assisting in treatment decisions based on the patient's current medical history • Engaging routinely with the patient as a result of chart reminders placed in the patient's medical record For more information regarding ID visit About MDOL MD On-Line, Inc. (MDOL) is a leading provider of electronic healthcare solutions that leverage data to improve practice efficiency and industry connectivity. Endorsed and co-branded by more than 30 major insurers for practices of all sizes, MDOL applies its cloud-based technology to optimize provider offices, improve the quality of patient care, and eliminate inefficiencies within our healthcare system. In addition to claims processing, MDOL also offers eligibility verification, claim status inquiries, and electronic remittance advice. Its solutions encompass a network of more than 2,000 payer organizations and are used by tens of thousands of healthcare providers nationwide. For more information, please visit Contact: Amanda Cullari Stern + Associates 908.276.4344, ext. 215 [email protected]