Teva unveiled terms to sell its remaining women's health products, gaining $1.38 billion that'll go toward paying down debt.

Teva earlier this week inked a pact to sell off a women’s health product—and now it’s closing in on a deal to divest that business’s ex-U.S. assets.

Kite Pharma CEO Arie Belldegrun turned a single buyout bid into a $12 billion deal by capitalizing on suitor Gilead’s need to make a game-changing deal.

A new report highlights some positive news from a pharma employment point of view.

Last week, an activist investor held out on the buyout offer for Stada—and it worked.

Kite Pharma's ability to handle the complex manufacturing of its CAR-T cancer treatment is one reason Gilead is paying $11.9 billion for the company.

Did Daiichi Sankyo receive a buyout bid from AstraZeneca last year? According to the Japanese drugmaker, no.

Gilead Sciences, under pressure from a flagging hep C franchise, agreed to plunk down nearly $12 billion for Kite Pharma just ahead of a blockbuster CAR-T…