Lilly, Novo tops among diabetes doctors

What diabetes drugmaker do doctors like best? That depends on what sort of doctor you're asking. Specialists say Eli Lilly is tops, while primary care docs choose Novo Nordisk, according to a new survey from Market Strategies. And endocrinologists perceive bigger differences, in general, among the various companies that peddle diabetes treatments.

Here's how the rankings break down. Endocrinologists say Lilly has the best sales force and support services, and they view Lilly and Novo both as tops in product offerings, R&D and communications. Primary care doctors, however, think Novo's sales force is better, and they see Lilly and Novo tied in every other category. Merck came in a close third among primary-care doctors.

Market Strategies' research has shown that the way doctors view drugmakers does actually affect what they do, SVP Katy Palmer says in a statement. "[T]here is a strong correlation between a high image and [doctors'] behaviors," Palmer explains. For instance, doctors are more likely to recommend products, try new products, make time for reps and so on when they regard a company highly overall, she adds.

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