Astellas has joined the biopharma who's who of companies to disclose federal scrutiny for donations to charities that help patients cover drug costs.

Eli Lilly faces allegations it ran a "multi-tiered kickback scheme" to pump up sales of key diabetes drugs.

Five more lawmakers are piling on Allergan for the company's controversial tribal licensing deal.

Confronted with an investigation into its Vivitrol marketing, Alkermes contends it’s just trying to help the U.S. get control of the opioid crisis.

Allergan CEO Brent Saunders said it was "tenacity," not "desperation," that led the company to enter into the tribal licensing deal.

On the heels of the high-profile arrest of Insys' billionaire founder John Kapoor, the drugmaker has recorded a $150 million charge.

Attorneys general for nearly every state are ramping up their efforts in a price-fixing investigation that's making its way to top executives.

A set of Medicare payers accuse embattled Mallinckrodt of violating antitrust law to stifle competition for its $1 billion-plus Acthar Gel.