On the heels of the high-profile arrest of Insys' billionaire founder John Kapoor, the drugmaker has recorded a $150 million charge.

Attorneys general for nearly every state are ramping up their efforts in a price-fixing investigation that's making its way to top executives.

Federal agents arrested Insys founder John Kapoor and charged him with racketeering and other felonies.

The patent pillars that have supported Teva’s defense of blockbuster Copaxone continue to fall with Mylan winning another legal battle In the U.K.

Johnson & Johnson has successfully challenged two talc verdicts and wiped away nearly $500 million in liabilities.

A new lawsuit alleges that several drugmakers paid bribes in Iraq that helped fuel terrorism.

J&J has escaped a $72 million verdict in its ongoing talcum powder saga, the first reversal of its numerous losses.

After stirring up a tribal licensing controversy, Allergan has run into a patent setback with big-selling eye medication Restasis.