Last call for speakers: FierceBiotech Drug Development Forum


FierceBiotech likes to keep you on your toes. While we’ve long run well-regarded panels on the industry, now we’ve expanded into our first full conference, the Drug Development Forum. It’s all set and coming up soon on Sept. 19-21 in Boston.

We’ve got a stellar panel lineup already, including an awards event for the annual Fierce 15 and a timely conversation with some of our Top Women in Biotech picks. And never fear, Fierce editors will be on the premises, asking industry personas the burning questions.

If you would like to be on the receiving end of one of those fine interrogations--now is your last chance!

Every year we entreat you, dear reader, for your pitches for which startups to include in the Fierce 15 and for your views on the Top Women moving the industry. And, at least sometimes, we actually consider your suggestions.

Now, we’re opening up a call for speakers for the Drug Development Forum.

Here’s the nomination form. Be prepared to give us the basic facts on the speaker you are proposing--as well as to defend why our audience would be interested in hearing from them.

Everything from translational R&D to clinical trial recruitment to the latest in immuno-oncology research is fair game at the conference, with the whole shebang organized to address three broad industry themes: R&D, deals and outsourcing.

Our annual solicitations for the Fierce 15 and the Top Women in Biotech nominations will be forthcoming in the next month or so--mark your calendars! So don’t wear yourself out entirely on pitches for the Drug Development Forum.

- here is the Drug Development Forum schedule
- and here is the DDF speaker nomination form

Tracy Staton, FiercePharma
Stacy Lawrence, FierceBiotech