Judge tosses two more Seroquel suits

Once again, a judge has nipped Seroquel litigation in the bud. A Delaware state court judge dismissed two more lawsuits, saying that the plaintiffs couldn't prove via medical testimony that the drug contributed to their developing diabetes, Pharmalot reports. That makes eight lawsuits dismissed. No Seroquel lawsuit has made it to trial.

Of course there are still plenty of Seroquel suits floating around in U.S. courts. But a lawyer representing AstraZeneca says that plaintiffs have been trying--and failing--for years. "This litigation has been around since 2003 and they still can't get a case to trial," Michael Kelly of McCarter & English tells The Am Law Litigation Daily. "These are presumably their best cases. It's telling that they can't even get these to trial."

Plaintiffs' lawyers undoubtedly see the issue differently. Almost 40 federal Seroquel cases are in pre-trial proceedings right now, awaiting their moment in federal district courts. And another New Jersey state court case is set for trial next month. We'll have to wait and see how those proceed.

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