J&J pulls infant Tylenol on dosing-system issue

Johnson & Johnson's consumer healthcare unit is recalling another children's Tylenol product. This time, it's not manufacturing failures spurring the recall, but a dosing system that some parents found a bit too tricky to use.

The company ($JNJ) said it's pulling about 574,000 bottles of grape-flavored infant Tylenol drops, after "a small number of complaints" about the SimpleMeasure dosing system. Turns out the SimpleMeasure system wasn't so simple for some parents, who accidentally pushed one of its parts--a "flow restrictor"--into their product bottles.

The recall affects wholesale and retail stocks of 7 product lots, the company said. Consumers don't need to return their bottles, provided the flow restrictor remains at the top of the bottle (where it should be). The company issued a consumer message articulating how the dosing system should be used.

J&J's McNeil Consumer Healthcare unit has been battling its way back from a series of recalls involving millions of packages of its over-the-counter drugs, including widely used brands of children's and adult medicines such as Tylenol and Motrin. The company lost hundreds of millions in sales while products were missing from store shelves, and three of its problem plants are now operating under strict regulatory supervision, including a Pennsylvania facility that's closed for renovation.

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