J&J and Red Cross remove boxing gloves

While Johnson & Johnson and the Red Cross companies apparently thought it worthwhile to expend significant time and energy fighting over their common red cross emblems, they've now decided to call it quits. J&J has officially released all claims against the Red Cross.   

The two spent almost a year battling in court over the red cross symbol, but J&J decided to leave the legal scene after a judge threw out most of its suit against the Red Cross last month. Although both J&J and the nonprofit organization have had the same symbol for ages, the Red Cross began licensing its emblem for use on retail products, so J&J filed suit against the nonprofit. The Red Cross then counter-sued. Both companies hoped to thwart any confusion over who was behind a particular product placement, as either could be responsible for a red cross emblazoned on a first-aid kit. 

Apparently the courts thought there was no good case for branding rights in this instance and the non-settlement leaves everything pretty much as it was before. Now the real question is: Will you still find those J&J Band-Aids in your Red Cross first-aid kits? 

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