Introducing the Delta Line, developed with BormioliAdvance technology

Introducing the Delta Line, developed with BormioliAdvance technology
Sturdy and lightweight, these glass vials are designed to take the place of glass tubing containers for packaging injectable pharmaceutical products.

Oct 15,2010 - The Bormioli Rocco Glass Pharmaceuticals Division is launching its Delta Line of small lightweight glass vials intended for packaging pharmaceutical injectables.
Designed to withstand the extreme conditions to which containers are subjected during freeze-drying processes, these vials are the ideal replacement for tubular glass vials.

This line has already entered full production and the company is successfully offering it to major pharmaceutical companies. Many clients are already choosing Delta glass vials for their products, encouraged by Bormioli Rocco's long experience in manufacturing technology, documented research, rigorous testing and process expertise.

These new vials are available in various sizes (from 10 to 100 ml capacity), are made using type I Borosilicate glass and propose an optimised ISO ring finish closure, guaranteeing a perfect seal and adherence with the cap. A stippling effect on the base can be carried out on request.

Thanks to the latest BormioAdvance technology developed by Bormioli Rocco, vials in the Delta Line benefit from optimum glass distribution and an approximate weight reduction of 30% compared to conventional vials of corresponding type. This highly sophisticated manufacturing process produces glass vials that combine cost savings and convenience with vastly superior performance compared to existing products for freeze-drying processes and sterilisation in general.

The Delta Line offers various evident economic advantages, including cost reduction and greater manufacturing flexibility in terms of shape and personalisation. But that's not all: compared to equivalent glass tubing containers, these new vials boast technical specifications that guarantee higher standards in terms of container and chemical product stability, resistance to impact and axial load, and smoothness and precision of the neck finish.

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