India is hot for mid-size pharma, too

We've kept close tabs on Big Pharma's moves into emerging markets. But as India's Business Standard notes, it's not just Big Pharma that's moving into the subcontinent in a big way. Mid-size companies are shifting production of drugs and active ingredients there. And they're targeting the country as a base for sales in India and nearby countries.

The upshot: Lots of competition for market share, sales reps, and manufacturing capacity. And lots of investment in a country that's been no stranger to foreign largesse in recent years.

Here's a rundown of a few companies whose Indian forays may have flown under the radar. Japan's Astellas Pharma is now recruiting sales execs for the launch of its first product in India, its flagship transplant drug Prograf, which is running up against generic competition in other markets. Astellas aims for its specialty products to lead their respective markets in India within five years. Meanwhile, fellow Japanese drugmaker Eisai is establishing itself in India to supply meds to markets in Asia, Africa and Russia.

Then there's Watson Pharmaceuticals, the generics maker, which wants to move one-third of its production to India. It already has sold off manufacturing plants in Miami and Arizona and plans to shutter another unit in New York, transferring most of that work to India, the Standard reports. Israeli generics maker Teva plans to build API manufacturing facilities on 100 acres it bought in Madhya Pradesh last year as part of a $1 billion overall investment in the country. And Perrigo, the OTC meds specialist, wants to transfer its API production to India from Germany and Israel. Add all this to your evidence that emerging markets are taking over the pharma world.

- read the Standard piece