Healthcare Veteran Fred McCall-Perez Joins Physician Therapeutics to Lead Medical Science Liaison Program

Healthcare Veteran Fred McCall-Perez Joins Physician Therapeutics to Lead Medical Science Liaison Program

., a division of Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and distributes prescription medical foods to physicians, pharmacies and skilled nursing facilities, today announced the appointment of Fred McCall-Perez, Ph.D. as the company’s new director of medical affairs.

In his role at Physician Therapeutics, Dr. McCall-Perez will direct the company’s medical affairs division, utilizing scientific data to foster collaboration and discussion on the adoption and utilization of prescription only medical foods in clinical practice, among key opinion leaders and the healthcare research community. Additionally, Dr. McCall-Perez will formulate an advisory board strategy and develop educational programs for prescribing physicians and healthcare professionals nationwide.

“Adding a nationally recognized leader of Dr. McCall-Perez’s stature to the Physician Therapeutics team is a major win for us,” said David S. Silver, M.D., executive vice president of medical and scientific affairs at Targeted Medical Pharma. “As both a clinician and healthcare executive, Dr. McCall-Perez brings tremendous expertise in a broad range of disciplines, and his leadership will be an enormous asset in raising awareness of the Physician Therapeutics brand among medical researchers.”

Dr. McCall-Perez has more than 25 years of clinical, management and development experience in managed care, disease management and healthcare consulting to physician practices, integrated delivery networks, pharmaceutical and healthcare technology companies. He has worked in a number of high level healthcare and medical technology positions throughout his career, including founder and CEO of LifeWay Disease Management, president of American Biodyne (now Magellan) and president of the disease management division at National Health Enhancement Systems. Dr. McCall-Perez, who has published more than 25 professional articles and the book, “ ,” was the first medical adviser for WebMD and served as president of He also served as a White House representative on healthcare reform during the Clinton administration.

“I’m thrilled to join Physician Therapeutics and help lead the company on its journey to be the standard-bearer in the medical foods industry,” said McCall-Perez. “We are in a very exciting and pivotal time period in this industry and the team of dedicated professionals at Physician Therapeutics is committed to improving patient health by bringing cutting-edge treatment options.”

Prior to joining Physician Therapeutics, Dr. McCall-Perez devoted his energies to pharmaceuticals, working in genetics and most recently in neuroscience and dermatology for Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. McCall-Perez received a BS in mental retardation from the University of Illinois, an MA in developmental psychology from The Ohio State University, a Ph.D. in neurologically handicapped from the University of Arizona and an MBA from the University of Miami.

Physician Therapeutics’ medical foods are amino acid based, FDA-regulated medications specially formulated to meet the body’s increased nutritional requirements of disease. They are a safe and effective option for treating pain syndromes, sleep and cognitive disorders, hypertension and obesity without harmful side effects. Physician Therapeutics’ medical foods are available by prescription only and must be administered under the ongoing supervision of a physician.

is a division of ., a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and sells prescription to physicians, pharmacies and skilled nursing facilities for the treatment of chronic disease including pain syndromes, obesity, sleep and cognitive disorders, and hypertension. Based in Los Angeles, the company’s proprietary pharmaceutical therapeutic systems are sold in the United States and Japan. The company manufactures nine proprietary , as well as 48 convenience packed kits, which pair a medical food and branded or generic pharmaceutical. These prescription medications and therapeutic systems represent a novel approach to the management of certain disease states, focusing on safety and efficacy without the deleterious side effects of traditional, high dose prescription drugs.