GSK permits scrutiny; Wyeth poised for stock jump;

> GlaxoSmithKline is going to permit external scrutiny of its experimental drugs, according to a Financial Times interview with CEO Andrew Witty.  Report

> Wyeth might be poised to enjoy a stock price jump place when it provides some details about its mid-stage study results on its Alzheimer drug, bapineuzumab, next week.  Report

> Generic medications are more expensive than they need to be, says one WSJ blogger, since pharmacies frequently markup generics for uninsured customers and pharmacy benefits managers get a deal, too, when the insured choose generic drugs.  Report 

> Biogen Idec beat profit Wall Street estimates Tuesday, likely do to the success of its multiple sclerosis drug, Tysabri. Report

> Summit Corporation will pocket a $7 million upfront fee in the form of an equity investment from a new licensing pact with BioMarin Pharmaceutical. Report

> Shares of Canada's Isotechnika were in meltdown mode this morning after Roche announced that it was dropping its rights to license the developer's experimental drug for solid organ transplant. Isotechnika report

> A developer has blueprinted a sprawling 250-acre biotech complex in the Boston area's thriving life sciences cluster. Report

> Roche is continuing its buying spree with a deal to acquire Madison, WI-based Mirus Bio for $125 million. Roche Report

> The New York Times examines the prospects of two drugs being developed by Sirtris to extend our life span. Sirtris report

> The FDA has issued new guidelines that exempt Phase I drugs from certain Good Manufacturing Practice regulations. GMP report

> For the first time, researchers have used progenitor cells from donors to grow functional human blood vessels in mice. Report 

And Finally... The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has placed some full-page ads in The Washington Post, rebuking the FDA for its lack of response to their requests to stop animal testing, saying, "Thanks to the FDA, dogs are also purposely infected with diseases but not provided with medicine or pain relief." Report