Government shutdown threatens FDA work

If the U.S. government can't come to terms on government spending in time to avoid a shutdown, the FDA will find itself "severely limited," officials say. As CNN Money reports, the agency will have to furlough many workers--no word on just how many--which means that some agency work will have to go undone.

Inspections would be curtailed and some drug-approvals work will grind to a halt, CNN Money reports. And the agency will have to prioritize plant inspections, focusing only on sites that pose the biggest risks to drug quality or safety. In addition, site visits required for drug approvals would stop completely.

"We will be pretty severely limited," an agency official told CNN Money. "We're hopeful that a resolution is reached before it comes to that."

In fact, the only division within the FDA that would remain at full strength during a shutdown is the tobacco-regulation department. That's because it's fully funded by the tobacco industry.

- read the CNN Money piece

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