Glaxo's Arzerra fails to impress NICE; AZ cancer pill beats chemo in lung cancer;

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> GlaxoSmithKline leukaemia drug Arzerra, licensed from Denmark's Genmab, has been rejected by U.K. cost watchdog NICE in preliminary draft guidance. Report

> In yet another study, AstraZeneca's Iressa cancer pill proved better than chemotherapy at treating advanced non-small cell lung cancer that has an EGFR mutation. Report

> Sigma Pharmaceuticals stock fell the most in six weeks in Sydney after the Australian Financial Review said a possible lawsuit may hurt a A$707 million ($619 million) takeover offer from Aspen Pharmacare. Report

> Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that the blood pressure drug carvedilol (Coreg) may lessen the degenerative impact of Alzheimer's disease and promote healthy memory functions. Report

> GlaxoSmithKline is in advanced talks with a prospective distributor to launch its best-selling Lucozade energy drink in the United States, the company's head of consumer healthcare said. Report

> Connecticut's attorney general subpoenaed CVS Caremark Corp (CVS.N) after the company threatened to shut down a consumer discount drug program rather than extend it to Medicaid patients. Report

Biotech News

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> SkyePharma shares blitzed after FDA spurns Flutiform app. Article

> Merck wins FDA approval of combo asthma therapy. Report

> Safety concerns force Pfizer to suspend pain trials. Story

Manufacturing News

> FDA fines Red Cross $16M for blood GMP violations. Report

> Confidence is key to GMP-violation comeback. News

> Regulators boost drugmaker responsibility for CMOs. Report

> MDs voice concerns over cold chain breaches, effects on drugs. Story

> Penicillin plant garners $250k fine for chemical leaks. Article

> Minor cargo theft in Memphis. Item

Vaccine News

> Injector tech could slash polio vaccine costs. Story

> Synthetic flu virus opens door to safer vaccines. News

> Crucell decides to tackle universal RSV vaccine project. Report

> Pfizer plans to shutter one vax plant, beef up another. Piece

And Finally... Even the monstrous Jaws might look tame compared to the swarm of antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in sharks and redfish, according to a new study. Report