Glaxo exec: Double Asia sales in five years

GlaxoSmithKline contends that cutting prices in the Asia-Pacific--coupled with increased prosperity there--could end up doubling the company's sales in the region within five years. Glaxo's regional chief Christophe Weber told Reuters today that economic development in the Asia-Pacific is clearly boosting demand there. "People want more healthcare," he said.

Just look at the numbers, Glaxo says: Asia-Pacific boasted twice as many newborns compared with North America or Western Europe, but mortality rates for mothers are 15 times higher there. That's a lot of opportunity for maternal and infant care. Childhood vaccination alone could grow astronomically, provided the price is right for the shots, Weber said.

Glaxo racked up $2 billion in regional sales last year, which amounts to around 5 percent of the company's global sales, Reuters reports. If Weber is correct, the sales figures could grow to $4 billion over the next five years. That's around 15 percent growth per year. Doable? What do you think?

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ALSO: The governments of Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Singapore have bought GlaxoSmithKline's Relenza flu treatment since the H1N1 outbreak began in April, and the company is advising governments to keep the inhaled drug at 30 percent to 50 percent of their flu drug stockpiles. Report