Gilead's sofosbuvir aces Japanese hep C trial; Merck KGaA rejigs top management; J&J marketing exec jumps ship;

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@CarlyHFierce: GSK will tailor vaccine portfolio, improve access as part of wider Africa initiative. Article | Follow @CarlyHFierce

> Gilead Sciences ($GILD) said a key Japanese trial of its hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir showed the drug crushed the virus in 98% of previously untreated patients. Report

> Merck KGaA shuffled top management to put its consumer health chief, Udit Batra, in charge of its Millipore division, and its allergy business CEO, Uta Kemmerick-Keil, at the helm of the consumer business. Release

> Johnson & Johnson's ($JNJ) Kim Kadlec, worldwide VP of its global marketing group, jumped ship to head up relationship management at AOL. Report

> Some Indian officials are moving ahead with a bid to issue a compulsory license on Bristol-Myers Squibb's ($BMY) cancer drug Sprycel in spite of questions about the rationale behind the move. Report

> Astellas filed for European approval for broader use of its prostate cancer drug Xtandi, in patients who haven't yet had chemo. Report

Medical Device News

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> After a successful IPO, LDR looks to raise more cash. More

> Biotronik proceeds with MRI-safe ICD study in the U.S. as initial patients join in. Story

Biotech News

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> Lumena swings for a $75M IPO to bear down on liver diseases. Story

> Pharma giants jostle for the cancer R&D spotlight at AACR. Piece

Pharma Manufacturing News

> Apotex plant in India tagged with import ban. News

> Alexion says it will add third operation in Ireland. Story

> Merck puts big data to work to solve vaccine manufacturing concern. Article

> GSK recalls Paxil after FDA issues warning letter. News

> Hikma earns FDA closeout letter for its new Jersey plant. News

> Aurobindo gets control of 7 Actavis API plants in Europe. Brief

Vaccines News

> GlaxoSmithKline admits defeat in PhIII cancer vaccine trial. News

> Mutations during vaccine making weakened last year's flu jab. Story

> GSK will tailor vaccine portfolio, improve access as part of wider Africa initiative. Story

> CDC: Flu vaccination cuts children's risk for intensive care hospitalization. Article

> Vaccines sale figures into Baxter's breakup plans. Story

> Trump's Twitter tirade blames vaccines for autism increase. Article

And Finally... More research shows that the party drug "special K," a.k.a. ketamine, might help patients with major depressive disorder. Report