Forget Pfizer and Allergan, Teva is the pharma getting the most market love these days

All of the market buzz may center on Pfizer's ($PFE) $160 billion tax inversion deal to buy Allergan ($AGN), but Teva Pharmaceuticals ($TEVA) is really getting the market love. That is Bloomberg's conclusion, saying that the Israel-based generic drugmaker has racked up 20 buy recommendations, more than any other biotech or pharma with a market cap of $20 billion plus. That is one more recommendation than Allergan has earned, even in the much-talked-about run-up to the Pfizer deal. Why is that? Goldman Sachs' Jami Rubin, who put a buy on the company this week, says that Teva's generic business is insulated from the controversy over drug pricing killing the shares of other companies and that its lead drug Copaxone is holding up better than expected to generic competition. It is also benefitting from its $40 billion deal to buy Allergan's generic drug biz. Story | More