BDO sifted through SEC filings to discover just what the top 100 life sciences companies are most worried about these days.

Bayer stopped a trial of Xarelto in the secondary prevention of stroke and embolism, but it's not backing off ambitious sales projections for the drug.

Allergan is again being accused of using unfair tactics to dodge competition for its eye drug Restasis, this time for using bundled contracts.

Right after President Donald Trump made a speech about campaign contributions driving up drug prices, drugmakers donated more.

Steve Miller, CMO of Express Scripts, is not mincing words in his assessment of Kymriah, Novartis' $475,000 CAR-T treatment for leukemia.

Big Pharma expanded in emerging markets by 6.1% last quarter, but GSK and Eli Lilly didn't reap as much growth as their peers

Sanofi and Regeneron, whose Dupixent peak sales are expected to exceed $4 billion, reported new data to help get it there sooner rather than later.

Novartis, which has been trying to fix its struggling Alcon eye unit, has returned rights to eye medication Jetrea to ThromboGenics.