FiercePharma learns there's no such thing as Presidents Day

On Monday, the U.S. celebrates Washington's Birthday. It's not Presidents Day, as some call it, at least not officially; when Congress moved the holiday to the third Monday in February from Washington's actual birthday on Feb. 22, the name didn't change. It seems that a movement to include Abraham Lincoln in the celebration never gained enough momentum. Some states honored Honest Abe with a government holiday--a few still do--but Washington's Birthday was always just that.

If you're one of the select workers who actually gets the day off Monday, and you'd like to spend that time reading more about the history of this federal holiday, then check out the National Archives. Working or not, you won't have the opportunity to read a new FiercePharma. We're closed along with Wall Street and federal agencies. Whether we're spending our time off studying up on presidential history--we'll leave it to you to guess. -- Tracy Staton (email | Twitter)