Feds subpoena Amgen documents

Just why are U.S. attorneys interested in Amgen? That's the question, now that news is emerging that the feds have subpoenaed documents. In disclosing the subpoenas to the SEC, the company only said that G-men wanted "documents relating to its products." A U.S. Attorney in New York issued its subpoena October 25, and another in Seattle subpoenaed the company November 1.

Meanwhile, the company is lobbying another branch of the government for relief from restrictions on its anemia drugs. The company has spent millions to reverse Medicare's new dosing rule, enlisting the support of individual cancer patients along the way.

The company has been encouraging patients, survivors, and their families to call their Congressional reps, because bills to reverse the rule are pending. But the reversal remains a long shot; Congress has only changed one of 41,000 such rules in the past 10 years.

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