FDA considers new trial standard for diabetes drugs; Patheon gets a makeover;

> Patheon, a drug developer and manufacturer, is getting a makeover in hopes it will help the company "become the best provider of manufacturing and development services to the pharmaceutical industry." Report

> In a move that could have enormously costly implications for developers of new diabetes therapeutics, Pharmalot reports that the FDA has asked its Endocrinologic and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee to consider whether new therapies should undergo a clinical trial to test drugs for potential cardiovascular risks. Report

> Shares of Eli Lilly slipped slightly after the FDA announced that it would extend its review of the closely watched anti-clotting drug prasugrel by three months. Report

> India's Intas Biopharamaceuticals has acquired the US-based Biologics Process Development. Report

> Following a $40 million venture round in January, Seattle-based Alder Biopharmaceuticals has plans to ramp up its antibody work and will hire a number of new researchers. Alder report

> UK officials are shaking up their biomedical research industry in order to make the country a more attractive place for drug developers. Report

> New Jersey's planned $150 million stem cell research center has been put on ice as state leaders ponder how to proceed in the wake of voters' rejection of a $450 million stem cell initiative last year. New Jersey report

> Families USA has crunched the numbers on NIH research grants, and says that several years of flat funding have crippled research efforts, damaged U.S. economic activity and threatens to pull the U.S. down from its leading role in global biomedical research efforts. NIH report

> UK officials have nailed down a big part of the funding needed for a new "laboratory of the future" that will cost close to $400 million to build. U.K. report

And Finally... India has been steadily building up the ranks of PhD-level scientists in the country, and now a new report shows the subcontinent has passed the U.K. in the number of scientists with doctorates. Report