Experts predict dramatic shortfall of swine flu vax

Thinking to reassure the public, U.S. health officials had said that they expected to have 120 million doses of swine flu vax on hand to start a huge national vaccination campaign in mid-October--just as a second wave of the pandemic is expected to hit. Turns out that was a tad optimistic.

CBS News reports that experts now say that only 45 million doses will be on hand, with another 20 million jabs coming in every month after that. Factor in a two-jab requirement for full protection and the number of people being protected early on will fall far below expectations. Manufacturers say that production delays have forced a slowdown in delivery schedules.

"The fact that we have fewer doses I think actually will focus attention," said Dr. William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. "It will mean that we all will have to be much more specific about whom we will ask to show up."

Advisers have been suggesting that pregnant women and healthcare workers should be at the front of the line. But now kids may be given a higher priority than before as authorities try to quell the spread of the virus at schools.

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