Ex-Ratiopharm CEO mounts buyout bid

Ratiopharm has inspired quite a tussle among potential bidders. Over the holiday weekend, the news broke that ex-chairman Claudio Albrecht had joined forces with the private equity arm of Sweden's Wallenberg family to lodge a bid for the German drugmaker.

Albrecht and that private-equity fund, EQT, would be competing in an auction with several other private equity types, as well as some pharma companies. But private equity groups have a bit of help. They're expected to be offered financing from Commerzbank as an incentive to make the deal. And to drive up the bids, of course.

Albrecht currently serves on several drug company boards, including Axellia Pharmaceuticals. According to Axellia's bio, he also consults with generics makers on growth strategies. In addition to his stint as Ratiopharm chief, he also served as a managing director of several country operations at Sandoz.

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