Epilepsy Advocate(TM) Movement Gains Momentum through a 'Heroes' Real-Life Story

Greg Grunberg offers insight garnered through his experience as a father of a son with epilepsy

ATLANTA, May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- "Heroes" star Greg Grunberg poses with Epilepsy Advocate Spencer Wyatt.  Grunberg rallied with the Epilepsy Advocate community to empower people living with epilepsy to demand medical care with a goal of epilepsy independence--seizure freedom with minimal side effects.  Grunberg is a personal hero to his son Jake (not pictured), who is living with epilepsy, and many others impacted by epilepsy.

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"When Jake was diagnosed with epilepsy, my wife and I didn't know anything about the condition.  We armed ourselves with information and committed ourselves to demanding the best care possible for our son.  The Epilepsy Advocate program is a valuable resource for people living with epilepsy and their families who are looking for guidance."

Epilepsy Advocate is a community of people whose lives are directly impacted by epilepsy--those with epilepsy, their caregivers, friends and family.  Epilepsy Advocate offers inspiration and guidance to those who want to take control of their journey to epilepsy independence.  

Resources include EpilepsyAdvocate.com, the Epilepsy Advocate Facebook page, an online radio show featuring interviews with people living with epilepsy and epilepsy experts who offer insights and ideas on how to address the many challenges of living with epilepsy, and Epilepsy Advocate, a free magazine with helpful articles about different aspects of living with epilepsy.  

About Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder affecting approximately three million people in the U.S.--making it as common as breast cancer.  More than one million people continue to experience seizures despite trying two or more antiepileptic drugs (AEDs).  New medications and treatments give hope to those living with uncontrolled seizures.

UCB, The Epilepsy Company™, a biopharmaceutical company based in Atlanta, proudly sponsors the Epilepsy Advocate program as a part of its commitment to the epilepsy community.

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SOURCE Epilepsy Advocate