Drug, diagnostic combos are the future

Let's take a wide-angle view of the Roche-Ventana story. Isn't it a sign of the times that Roche has persisted in bidding for the diagnostics company--even when Ventana scoffed? It's like an object lesson in the marriage between drugs and diagnostics.

Everyone, perhaps especially Roche and Ventana, knows that the future lies in matching meds to individuals most likely to benefit from them. But achieving the same? Not so easy. The FDA reviews drugs and diagnostics separately, discouraging the sort of tandem development that would be most efficient.

Analysts say Roche might boost its bid for Ventana, on the strength of some new partnerships the latter has forged with nine drug makers--partnerships that seem designed to spawn drug-and-diagnostic pairs. But even if Roche backs off, the need for those dynamic duos will remain.

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