Drug companies depressed over new, effective non-pharmaceutical therapies for depression

Drug companies depressed over new, effective non-pharmaceutical therapies for depression

(openPR) - Suicidal thoughts, anxiety, aggression, insomnia. Just a few of the headline-making, dangerous side effects of antidepressants and mood stabilizers.

Wary Americans are increasingly turning to non-pharmaceutical treatments for anxiety and depression. Among those proven effective for teens and adults is The Why Concept .

"The inspiration that led me to create this program came during a particularly difficult time in my life," said The Why Concept creator Dany Lowe. "My husband was having an affair and we decided to split. The custody battle for our four children was brutal. Then my grandmother died and I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. The medication my doctor prescribed made things even worse and I was forced to take a medical leave from work."

With every aspect of her life in complete turmoil, Lowe set about applying her formidable analytical and problem solving skills to getting back on track.

The resulting Why Concept book provides candid details of Lowe's challenges; the accompanying workbook is a simple, step-by-step program designed to empower adults and teens to identify and overcome challenges that lead to depression and anxiety.

"The Why Concept allowed me to get off meds and get my life back," said Lowe. She is especially proud that her program has received enthusiastic endorsements by esteemed mental health professionals including Richard DelPrete, LMHC of Fort Lauderdale, Gulay Guner, Ph.D., Psy.D. of Tamarac, and Corey Hinds, MPA of Hollywood.

"It provides the tools to accomplish your goals, said DelPrete of The Why Concept. And with it, "You will become empowered to change your life." Gunar describes The Why Concept as "A simple, effective tool."

About Dany Lowe
The daughter of missionary parents, Dany Lowe learned early in life the value of helping others. Yet despite her devout Christian upbringing, Lowe made a series of choices during her teens and young adulthood that lead her to become the victim of a philandering, abusive husband and ultimately a single mother of four children. These challenges empowered Lowe to embark on a journey of self-discovery that resulted in her development of The Why Concept. Today Lowe is a charismatic speaker dedicated to helping others overcome challenges and achieve happiness and success.

The Why Concept workbook can be purchased at thewhyconcept.com. For additional information about The Why Concept and Dany Lowe, contact Peter Myers at 954-523-6262 or [email protected]

With all the teenage bullying going on in todays society, finally there is a workbook that can help a trouble teen or adult with a real problem solving directive to help anyone think through their problems and resolve their issues. It's easy and endorsed by psychologists.

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