Dr. Daniel Von Hoff Receives Lifetime Achievement Award From US Oncology Research

Oncologist recognized for his part in advancing cancer care and research

Dr. Daniel Von Hoff Receives Lifetime Achievement Award From US Oncology Research

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recognized , for his years of dedication to cancer research and the accomplishments he’s achieved in the advancement of cancer care. Dr. Von Hoff, medical director of research and scientific medical officer for US Oncology Research, and physician in chief and distinguished professor at Translational Genomics Research Institute () in Scottsdale, Ariz., received a lifetime achievement award at the US Oncology Research Annual Community Oncology Research Forum held Sept. 20 – 22 at the Westin DFW in Dallas.

“It’s obvious that he deserves this recognition. His passion and commitment to oncology research are unmatched,” said Kevin Coker, vice president, US Oncology Research. “He has been committed to advancing the field of oncology research his entire career. We were very fortunate that Dr. Von Hoff has been right there with us since our beginning. In the last six years, he has built an incredible translational oncology Phase I program across our national network, and he has been the driver for our culture and all of our research efforts since the mid-90s.”

Dr. Von Hoff drives cutting-edge cancer research and has earned honors from many organizations. He is a distinguished team leader for one of the five US Oncology Research “dream teams” sponsored by , a public initiative designed to accelerate innovative cancer research. Dr. Von Hoff’s award from Stand up To Cancer is focused on investigations for patients with pancreatic cancer. In 2010, he received the , presented by the American Society of Clinical Oncology () in recognition of innovative clinical research and developments that have changed the way oncologists think about the general practice of oncology.

“It is a privilege to be a cancer researcher to try to help save lives and improve a patient’s quality of life,” said Dr. Von Hoff. “It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized, but the people who deserve it more are the patients who participate in clinical trials. They give their time not only because they hope to benefit from it, but because the trial could help future patients.”

Steve Jones, MD, medical director of research for and medical oncologist formerly with , started what is now US Oncology Research in 1992. Soon after its launch, Dr. Jones recruited Dr. Von Hoff as chief scientific officer and together, they built a nation-wide network of hundreds of oncology-focused physician investigators to bring clinical trials and cutting-edge therapies to patients in their own hometowns for the first time. To date, this network of physicians has enrolled more than 53,000 patients in over 1,200 clinical trials, and has helped to develop 43 cancer-fighting therapies that have been approved by the FDA.

In 2006, Dr. Von Hoff developed the Translational Oncology Program (TOP) for US Oncology Research to address the special challenges of Phase I clinical trials, such as increased safety concerns and complex trial designs. Through TOP, Dr. Von Hoff and the other physicians affiliated with US Oncology Research and The US Oncology Network have enrolled more than 1,300 patients in Phase I clinical trials throughout the nation, addressing various areas of disease states including: solid tumors, hematology, supportive care (cachexia, thrombocytopenia, anemia), radiation, immunology and rare tumors in patients.

In addition to his roles with US Oncology Research and TGen, Dr. Von Hoff is professor of medicine for the Mayo Clinic and chief scientific officer for Scottsdale Healthcare. He is the second recipient of the US Oncology Research lifetime achievement award.

In 2011, , M.D., oncologist and hematologist with Texas Oncology and co-chair of The US Oncology Network Breast Cancer Research Committee, won the inaugural Lifetime Achievement award from US Oncology Research for her exemplary work in breast cancer. Dr. Holmes continues to be a principal investigator on a number of clinical trials, is one of the top accruers of breast cancer trials in the nation, and serves as leader of her research site. Dr. Holmes is widely published and has a national reputation as a key opinion leader and expert on breast cancer treatment and research.

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