Did Sanofi's diversity boost profits 20%?

What's the best pharma business? The vaccines business. At least that's the opinion of Sanofi-Aventis CEO Chris Viehbacher. He told the J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference that this "best business" is a key part of his plans to diversify at Sanofi. And then there are all the other tactics that you're familiar with, among them the Chattem buyout, which gets the French firm into the U.S. OTC business with star allergy drug Allegra.

Another bit of diversification news: Sanofi might get into diabetes services and devices, in addition to diabetes drugs like its Lantus brand, the Wall Street Journal Health Blog reports.

Meanwhile, French trade unions were reporting that Sanofi delivered more than €8 billion to its bottom line for 2009. That's almost $12 billion. And it's 20 percent higher than 2008 profits. The unions have been agitating for more money-slash-benefits from the company, so they have a vested interest in highlighting a profit increase. We'll let you know when and if that figure becomes official.

- see the Health Blog post