Dexcel gets right to sell copycat Prilosec

The fight is over. Over-the-counter drug distributor Perrigo said its partner Dexcel Pharma Technologies has settled patent litigation with AstraZeneca over the heartburn med Prilosec OTC. The settlement deal will allow Dexcel to sell a store-brand version of the drug as soon as it gets FDA's approval.

The patent fight has been going on since May 2006, when AZ sued to block Dexcel's new drug application. Now, AZ has waived its patent claims on Dexcel's product. Perrigo, which will be the exclusive distributor for the drug, expecting sales of $150 million to $200 million. Overall, Prilosec OTC sells at the rate of $750 million annually.

- see this release from Perrigo (.pdf)
- read the report from the Houston Chronicle

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