Cubist Unveils Five-Year Strategic Goals

LEXINGTON, Mass.-- Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBST) today announced the Company's five-year strategic aspirations – Building Blocks of Growth – at its Investor Day at the NASDAQ Market Site. Cubist's President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Bonney shared the Company's five-year roadmap, including goals for top- and bottom-line growth, future pipeline developments, and cultural elements that will position Cubist to deliver long-term, sustainable growth.

As detailed at the Company's Investor Day, by year-end 2017 Cubist expects to:

Grow global revenue to $2 billion annually;
Have four product candidates in late-stage clinical trials;
Generate $700 million in non-GAAP annual adjusted operating income; and
Continue to strengthen and develop the Company's highly differentiated culture.
"Through our transformation over the past two years, Cubist has established itself as a global leader in the acute care/hospital environment. Our Building Blocks of Growth will help us build on this momentum as we look to deliver important new medicines for patients and drive long-term value for our customers and shareholders," said Mr. Bonney. "The next five years represent an extraordinary time of opportunity for Cubist, and our entire team is excited to deliver on the Company's very promising future."

Grow Global Revenue to $2 Billion

Cubist plans to generate $2 billion in global annual revenue in 2017, driven largely by organic growth.

To achieve this goal, the Company expects to:

Drive CUBICIN® (daptomycin for injection) growth across the U.S. and around the world through its global partnerships. By year-end 2017, the Company expects CUBICIN will well-exceed $1 billion in U.S. sales alone;
Expand the growth of ENTEREG® (alvimopan), which is expected to approach $100 million in sales by year-end 2017;
Optimize its current late-stage pipeline, led by CXA-201, CB-315, and CB-5945;
Build out its global commercial footprint in a targeted manner; and
Pursue in-licensing, partnership, and/or M&A activity as part of its active, focused, and disciplined business development program.
Four New Product Candidates in Late-Stage Clinical Trials

Cubist expects to have four new product candidates in late-stage clinical trials by year-end 2017. The Company will build on its successful balance between strong internal discovery efforts and active business development, focused on potential therapies for patients in the acute care/hospital environment.

The Company expects to deliver one investigational new drug application (IND) approximately every 18 months from its own discovery efforts, which is consistent with its recent track record. Additional pipeline assets are expected to result from a mix of highly disciplined and focused M&A activity, in-licensing, and other partnerships.

Generate $700 Million in Non-GAAP Annual Adjusted Operating Income

Cubist aims to generate $700 million in non-GAAP annual adjusted operating income by year-end 2017. Based on the Company's 2012 guidance, this translates into approximately a 22% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Cubist expects to achieve this goal by continuing to drive a disciplined business model, thoughtful use of cash, and greater leverage as the Company improves operational efficiency across the entire business.

As a percentage of net revenue, the Company expects R&D expense to trend down to 25%, with SG&A expense at approximately 20%, and overall cost of goods sold trending down to approximately 20% by year-end 2017. Cubist is committed to maintaining its discipline in deploying capital on investments in technology and revenue generation, as well as targeted geographic expansion with a rigorous focus on return on investment.

A Highly Differentiated Culture

As Cubist continues to grow and expand into new geographies in the years ahead, it will maintain its focus on attracting, retaining, and developing top talent. Accordingly, the Building Blocks of Growth includes a commitment to strengthening and developing the Company's well-established, highly differentiated culture.

Cubist will continue to place a premium on ensuring:

The highest level of integrity across all aspects of the business;
A high level of transparency – both internally and externally;
Creative problem solving and continuous improvement;
Nimble execution and drive for results;
Appropriate levels of risk taking; and
Strong employee engagement in and enjoyment of work.
Mr. Bonney concluded, "These are ambitious but achievable goals developed through a rigorous process in which we carefully examined the evolving healthcare environment, our strengths and areas for improvement, and how we can best generate long-term value. The Building Blocks of Growth reflects what sets Cubist apart and will help us sharpen our organizational focus through 2017."

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About Cubist

Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the research, development, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products that address significant unmet medical needs in the acute care environment. Cubist is headquartered in Lexington, Mass. Additional information can be found at Cubist's web site at

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