CPhI Worldwide announces strategic charity agreement with Global Angels

CPhI Worldwide announces strategic charity agreement with Global Angels

Pharma event launches a range of packages for industry partners to implement charity giving.
Amsterdam, 07 May 2015CPhI Worldwide, organised by UBM EMEA, formally launches a new partnership with international charity GlobalAngels, to help promote its efforts and encourage support from the pharmaceutical industry.

The goal is to harness CPhI's global reach to actively deliver support and funds from inside the pharma industry to Global Angels – a charity that partners with innovative projects to deliver tangible, life saving results in developing countries.

CPhI is working alongside its media partners to raise awareness through their publications, and social media. Pharma companies and their global distribution networks can bring invaluable support to this charity, be it through direct funding, volunteering, providing logistical support or even donating vital drugs to the developing world.

The initiative is already proving a huge success, with many companies registering their interest. To make the process of helping this commendable initiative easier, CPhI has pre-tailored two Corporate Social Responsibility packages – 'Angel Wings' and 'Angel Logo' – that allow exhibitors or industry partners to involve themselves more quickly with Global Angels. The 'Angel Wings' package is a direct charity funding initiative where every penny received from an industry partner goes direct to Global Angels and is used for a specific end result. Donation options include paying for cleft lip surgery, child food support, funding a water well, right through to helping build a classroom or even a new rural hospital.

The innovative 'Angel Logo' program goes a step further and provides free advertising for any charity sponsor through CPhI's global events portfolio. CPhI is lending its considerable advertising support to industry donors and is delivering a range or promotional options that range from display and print advertising to live videos during the event – with a potential captive audience of 500,000 pharmaceutical professionals and industry press.

So far, CPhI has supported the charity by providing free adverts across its entire media portfolio (event catalogues, guides, websites, show-daily magazines) and on social media – where it has reached six different countries, contributed to 316 conversations and experienced an enormous 500,000 video views. This wide-ranging support, in addition to the €7,000 donated last year by CPhI and GES, is already helping to deliver substantial results to the charity.

Any company that works with CPhI is encouraged to take part and every single exhibitor and visitor is now being invited to contribute when booking their space or registering for the event.

To find out more on how you or your business can help support this charity or to donate to Global Angels, please visithttp://www.cphi.com/angels.

Molly Bedingfield, Global Angels Founder: "CPhI has really helped bring Global Angels to the attention of the pharma community, both through advertising and its innovative charitable solutions. I would encourage you to step up and support our initiatives in any way you can – through donation of funds or in-kind resources or sharing our work with your networks and contacts. Together we really can make a massive difference to some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world."

Rhylie Luanweir, Global Group Brand Marketing Manager at UBM EMEA and the driving force behind the CPhI Angels Network and CSR programme, commented: "What has struck me is the speed and enthusiasm with which some of our pharma community have shown they want to be involved with this charitable initiative  moving forwards, initiatives like this will be integral to the CPhI family. What we are aiming to do now, is build on these initial successes and use our influence in the industry, with our media partners, visitors, speakers and exhibitors, reaching out to our global pharma communities to work closely with our contacts, and together, to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities around the world. But we realise even well intentioned people are busy, so we have created two very simple CSR programs to enable faster support - CPhI Wings and Angel Logo. We are constantly on the lookout for new charity ideas, so please do get in touch, as any help will be warmly received."



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About Global Angels

The Global Angels Foundation is an international charity, transforming disadvantaged communities around the world. We are an international network of 'Angels' who put their compassion into action, volunteering time, energy, skills and money to empower whole communities with the resources they need to thrive and become sustainable. Drawing on an international team of professionals and volunteers, we work closely with carefully chosen local partners, providing vision, mission and strategy input, alongside on-the-ground management support. Our funding helps to build long term capacity and sustainability of each project, providing resources for each community such as safe drinking water, health care, education, sustainable energy and small business development.


Global Angels Vision

As a development organisation, our vision is to develop, fund and replicate highly innovative, sustainable solutions to empower communities, family by family, village by village in projects across the globe. Supporting the global movement which is working to make the world a better place for all, our goal is to inspire a new generation of philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and givers who know that their time, resources and passions are being invested in a transparent, ethical and efficient way. Our hope is that if we work together we can change the course of history and become a truly sustainable planet. Our Angel Club members and Corporate Angels fund our operating costs to make this possible.


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