Court upholds Teva on BMS Baraclude generic; GSK sees good pediatric data for Promacta; Lupin unleashes generic Cipro;

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> Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries ($TEVA) said that an appeals court has upheld its challenge to the patent on Bristol-Myers Squibb's ($BMS) hepatitis B drug Baraclude and will launch its version in the U.S. as soon as it gets final approval from the FDA. Release

> GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) reported new promising Phase II clinical data for hep C drug Promacta/Revolade in pediatric patients. Release

> Some hedge fund managers think contingent value rights could rekindle the Pfizer ($PFE), AstraZeneca ($AZN) talks but others say no. Story

> India's Lupin has begun making a generic version of Bayer's Cipro for the U.S. market and has a 180 exclusivity on the product. Story

> The U.K.'s National Health System has a new software tool to help providers determine how much access their patients have to the drugs they need. Story

> Novartis ($NVS) has come out with its pig antibiotic Florvio for swine respiratory disease, a fast-acting solution that farmers can put in their livestock's water. Release

Medical Device News

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> World's tiniest blood glucose monitor launches for iPhone, Android. More

> Medtronic scores FDA approval for TAVR in high-risk patients. Story

> With stroke of genius from a plunger, new med device cuts costs for healing wounds. Item

Biotech News

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> With early data looming, Celgene grabs rights to Agios' leukemia drug. Story

> OncoMed hits the brakes on cancer studies after troubling safety signs. News

> Could the cunning use of CVRs save a Pfizer-AstraZeneca merger? Item

And Finally... Japanese regulators report that there were 306 violations by retailers in online sales of over-the-counter drugs in the first 24 hours after the country lifted a ban on Internet sales. Story