Consumer group spoofs drug ads

Lately, it's become tres chic to lampoon drug ads. Just get on YouTube and you'll see. Today's WSJ Health Blog covers the latest installment, and this time it's part of a campaign by Consumers International.

The fake ad promotes "Strivor" for Motivational Deficiency Disorder. It shows female couch potato who, after taking the spoof med, gets busy at work and then comes home to clean her oven. (She can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, we guess). The "commercial" on YouTube sends viewers to a Consumers International website that critiques industry marketing practices. The group thinks drug marketing should be regulated more strictly. Obviously.

We'd like to know what's next. Pharma's own spoof of the spoofs? Stay tuned.

- see the video
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- check out the fake ad at the Consumers International website