Conclusion of Aspen Pharmacare exclusivity period

Conclusion of Aspen Pharmacare exclusivity period

On 31 May 2010, Sigma announced that it had entered into a confidentiality agreement with Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited ("Aspen") pursuant to which Aspen would be provided with due diligence information on Sigma.

As part of that agreement, Aspen was granted limited exclusivity by Sigma for four weeks. On 25 June 2010, Sigma announced that it had agreed to extend the exclusivity period until 5 July 2010. Sigma confirms that the exclusivity period has now concluded.

Aspen has advised Sigma that it wishes to continue its due diligence review. Aspen has not made any formal proposal to Sigma and Sigma continues to recommend that shareholders take no action at this time. The due diligence process being undertaken by Aspen may or may not result in a formal proposal or a recommendation by the Board.

Sigma is continuing the previously foreshadowed asset sale program and will consider other opportunities that may enable it to improve shareholder value.

Sue Morgan-Dethick
General Counsel & Company Secretary

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